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Bodybuilding is an old fitness regime that has been around for years but recently has become more popular through the uptick in social media fitness influencers. Combined with routine and a balanced diet, bodybuilding is a great way to build muscle mass and improve your physical strength. As with any physical activity, serious injuries can result if you are not properly educated and equipped before getting started. These tips are a great place to start if you are looking to begin your journey into bodybuilding and become a stronger, healthier version of yourself. 


1. Form is everything – learning the proper form of every exercise before executing it is imperative, especially since heavier weights are usually used in bodybuilding. Improper form can lead to serious injuries that may not present until after the workout is complete. If it feels awkward or hurts, it is likely wrong.


2. Start small – Especially if you are working out with a partner, it can be enticing to jump right into bodybuilding by seeing how heavy you can lift. Start with lower weights and keep track of these so that you can improve upon the exercises each week. 


3. Rest properly – Bodybuilding and weight lifting should not be practiced every day. Since you are engaging your muscles so strenuously, it is important to give them a break and rest days throughout the week for them to recover. This recovery is also where muscle is built. 


4. Seek advice from professionals – Do your research to come up with a proper program – and stick to it. If you have access to seek a personal trainer or someone who is more experienced with bodybuilding, utilize these resources in devising your program. 


5. Increase protein intake – Protein is one of the most important nutrients that aids in building muscles after exercise. Your body needs protein to repair the muscles and make them stronger over time. You can get this protein through foods like meat, eggs, and dairy, or even with the help of supplements or protein shakes. 


6. Eat more food more often – Building muscle requires your body to consume more calories than it burns, so you have to be cautious of your diet. There are several apps and online programs that can be used to record caloric intake and compare it to your lifestyle, weight, and fitness goals. Eating every few hours will help you to avoid hunger – which will burn your calories faster. 


7. Watch what you eat – Bodybuilding will yield little results if you are not putting healthy nutrients into your body. Avoid junk food in any diet or exercise regime since you are trying to build muscle weight and not fat. Provide your body with a healthy supply of macro and micronutrients through proteins, vegetables, healthy carbs and fats, and fruits.