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A bodybuilder is often thought of in society as a musclebound hot-headed individual without any intellectual sophistication.  The truth is that a bodybuilder in the most basic sense is an individual looking to better him or herself with the application of strength training exercises to whatever regimen is being utilized.  Many athletes take advantage of strength training to improve various aspects of their sport.  A baseball pitcher or quarterback may be seeking to improve arm strength with bodybuilding or weightlifting.  A defensive lineman may be seeking to improve his ability to dominate the opposing offensive lineman in frequent tests of strength and agility.  There are as myriad uses for strength training as there are sports for athletes.

A bodybuilder does not have to connote an overly muscled individual who has been on anabolic steroids and other drugs for years or decades taking risks to their own health and future health.  There are also many intellectual and intelligent beings out there who utilize bodybuilding or weight training as a stress release.