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Let’s face it.  No one wants to have injuries and have them detract from training and performance.  Injuries can be the bane of an athlete’s existence and the end of many careers.  The injury highlight reel for Kenneth Hughes includes the following:

  • Age 14 rhomboid muscle tear — rehab three months
  • Age 20, 21 finger ligamentous damage — rehab three months
  • Age 20 left quadriceps tear — rehab three months
  • Age 21 right pectoralis major tear — rehab three months
  • Age 24 inguinal hernia repair
  • Age 24  jaw surgery
  • Age 24 lumbar spinal surgery
  • Age 25 Right shoulder impingement with distal clavicle resection
  • Age 25 Left shoulder impingement with distal clavicle resection

         Although this list only represents a small part of what you to consider as you become an athlete, you will confront additional challenges as you grow older and continue with sports health and fitness.  As you grow older you must become much more conscientious about reducing the risk for injury by manipulating workout regimens and performing exercises in different fashions. There is no doubt that the risk for injury as you get older should be higher due to the wear and tear on tissues.  However, the improvement and understanding of the body goes a long way to injury prevention. You get to know your body over time and understand what types of exercises generate the best results as far as muscle bulk and appearance while reducing the risk for injuries to ligaments, tendons, and muscles.