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One of the greatest inhibitors to reaching your fitness goals is a lack of motivation. Without motivation, it is impossible to accomplish anything, let alone the difficult task of getting and staying in shape.


While there are many reasons people lose focus and lose motivation, we are not going to focus on that now. In this article, we will take a look at some ways you can stay motivated to pursue your fitness regimen.


Chart Your Progress


One of the greatest ways to cultivate and sustain your motivation for fitness is to keep track of your progress. You can do this in many ways. Some popular methods of tracking progress include taking photos of yourself or keeping a fitness journal. By keeping track of your progress, you will notice your gains more than if you did not keep track. You will also notice stagnation, which will help you realize when you are not progressing.


Reward Yourself


Humans, like many other creatures, are highly motivated by clear incentives. By rewarding yourself when you have reached a certain goal, you will be doing yourself a great favor by boosting your motivation. However, you will need the self-restraint necessary to hold off on your reward until the goal is met. Try to keep the reward modest, yet big enough to push you towards accomplishing your goal.


Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard


Another big reason people lose motivation for fitness is through burnout. Not knowing your limits, or using the improper technique will put a big damper on your fitness motivation. Take the time to learn about your limits and be honest with yourself about what they are. Of course, you need to push yourself, but you should not push to the point of injury. A setback like that can damage your motivation in the long term.


Have Others Hold You Accountable


The last tip for staying motivated is to have others hold you accountable. Some people do this by posting photos on social media. This may not be suitable for everyone, so you may instead want to tell a good friend or family member what your goals are and have them check in on you to see if you are meeting the goals.


Staying motivated with fitness can be very challenging, but by following these tips you’re giving yourself a greater chance of sustaining your motivation!  Frame of mind is very important to achieving success in any and all endeavors from fitness to plastic surgery.