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Shotput is a track and field specialty that involves throwing a 16 lb metal ball as far as you can.  The sport involves a rare combination of speed and strength to enable the competitors to throw 60 feet, 70 feet, and beyond.  The current world record is over 75 feet.  Imagine throwing the heaviest bowling ball 75 feet+.  It almost does not make any sense.

The training for this sport involves building a tremendous strength base over a decade or so along with developing the technical aspects of the sport as well as developing explosive strength.  Having thrown over 65 feet in high school, Kenneth Hughes knows what it feels like to throw far.  However, this was done without having a coach.  Setting state records without a coach seems unreasonable, but it was really more so due to innate physical skills that were developed to generate enormous output.

The life of the shotputter involves so much more than physical skills.  Frequently, the amount lifted in the gym or the time run on the track do not necessarily translate into the shotput.  Without the technical elements of the discipline, no one can achieve world class status.  Even those with world class strength cannot do it with strength alone.  World class speed is not enough either.