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Staying in shape is all about being practical. Of course, no one loses weight as soon as they glance in the mirror. Faster progress will be made by following routine workouts and monitoring your caloric intake. The older one gets, the harder it is to get into shape and stay, as metabolism and an active lifestyle tend to decrease with age. If getting, and staying, in shape is a goal of yours, the results will last much longer when you learn to make these habits a part of your lifestyle. 


Don’t Obsess Over Appearance

Much of society operates at a fast pace in whatever we do whether it is working, driving, eating, or exercising – everyone wants everything done fast. This applies to the human body as well, but people must remember that the human body is not a microwave. It is an intricate machine that has many different processes that require time and patience to control. People often become discouraged and disappointed when they don’t see the exact number that they want on the scale or see the ideal physique of their dreams in the mirror. Obsessing over these things will just make the process feel longer and be less enjoyable. You should ignore comparisons and focus on eating healthy as well as exercising regularly.


Give it Your All

It may seem easier to throw in the towel altogether, especially when results do not seem as obvious. However, in order to get in shape and stay in shape, exercises must be done quite consistently. Focus on training your body to perform efficiently to reach your goals. Reaching a fitness goal is a marathon, not a sprint – pun intended. You can do short, intermediate workouts, or long-distance training if that aligns with your desired results. It is just vital that everything is done with your full energy and commitment. This not only makes a different when it comes to seeing results, but it also can help to prevent injuries.


Moderation is Key

Some people are quite lenient with the concept of practicing moderation. Eating in moderation means fueling your body with the food that it needs for energy, but not overfeeding for indulgence. Many people eat from a place of pleasure and even entertainment if they are bored. This is a very common way to gain extra weight that you don’t need, as most indulgences are not the healthiest foods either. The same rule applies to exercise. When you are working out, you are likely favoring one set of muscles or body part over another. You may prefer leg day over the upper body, or playing baseball over soccer, but it is important to remember to moderate your exercises to complement your muscles. Giving the muscles a chance to heal by moving on to another workout will prevent injuries and yield results.