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What does it mean to be in shape?  This really depends upon your goals in life for the most part.  However, most people would agree that cardiovascular fitness must be a part of this.  At some point, all bodybuilders must determine if only how you look is most important.  Although most bodybuilders at some time will resort to anabolic steroids and other drugs to maximize potential, these drugs will put organs and organ systems in jeopardy particularly over the long term.  Many of these individuals will permanently suppress natural testosterone production and will never regain it.  Thus, they will have to be on testosterone replacement for the rest of their lives.  Early cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver damage, among a host of other issues can contribute to a decline in overall health and fitness.  In essence, many individuals who may look like the picture of health are in fact sacrificing their health.

Cardiovascular fitness is so important to longevity and greater efficiency in professional pursuits and fitness pursuits.  Maintaining a reasonable weight will also reduce the overall stress on the heart and permit greater longevity.  Everyone understands that more fat mass on an individual is not healthy.  However, more muscle mass beyond a certain level can place undue strain on the heart and other organ systems as well.  Thus, some weight restriction is inevitable if a person is be in shape.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has been involved in athletic pursuits since the age of 5, and, though these pursuits have changed and evolved, the passion to develop one’s body remains.  Age becomes a factor in all pursuits and can limit output as age increases.  Recovery may take longer with age.  This wall for improvement is different for everyone, but fighting this decline will happen for everyone.


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